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Most traditional antibodies target cell surface antigens (PD-1 and PD-L1, etc) or soluble antigens. However, ideal tumor antigens are often intracellular, (RAS, P53, WT1, etc). Endogenous T cell receptor (TCR) can recognize intracellular antigen/HLA complex, i.e. MHC-antigen-peptide, MAP, to activate T cells against tumor cells. But their affinity to the antigen is low, which often leads to tumor immune escape.

Biocytogen's TCR-mimic (TCRm) antibody technology platform is designed for the discovery of TCRm antibodies with high affinity and specificity compared with endogenous TCRs.

Advantages of Biocytogen's TCR-mimic Antibody Platform

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1. Biocytogen's unique HLA/RenMab mice combined with a high-throughput antibody screening platform enable a one-step process to obtain fully human antibodies that recognize MAP (MHC-antigen-peptide), with higher affinity and specificity than TCRs.

2. In situ complete human antibody variable gene replacement in RenMab and RenLite mice ensure the diversity of antibody sequences.

3. Beacon-based high-throughput antibody screening and sequence analysis accelerate the antibody discovery process.

4. Fully human antibody sequences obtained by our TCRm antibody technology platform provide more candidates for the development of antibody-based drugs such as bispecific antibodies, CAR-T, TCR-T, and other fields. By targeting intracellular antigens, TCRm antibodies can be developed into drugs that clear specific abnormal cells such as tumor cells, infected cells, and senescent cells. In addition, TCR-mimic antibodies can be screened by their blocking activity for the development of drugs blocking the autoimmune attack.

Biocytogen's Fully Human TCRm Antibody Discovery Workflow

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TCR-mimic Antibodies under Development

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AACR 2022: Generation of TCR-mimic fully human antibodies against HLA-antigen-peptide complexes using HLA transgenic RenMice

PEGS EUROPE 2022: A Novel TCR-mimic Fully Human Antibodies Discovery Platform

AACR 2023: Targeting Intracellular Tumor Antigens Using Fully Human TCR Mimic Antibodies Derived From HLA Transgenic RenMice

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