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완전한 인간 항체 디스커버리 플랫폼
혁신적인 인간화 항체 신약의 개발 수요와 관련하여 저희 바이오사이토젠은 완전 인간 항체 마우스 플랫폼인 RenMice 를 독자개발하여 RenMabTM, RenLiteTM(Common Light Chain)마우스를 개발하여, 인간화 단일클론 항체의 개발수요뿐만 아니라 이중/다중특이성 항체 등 다차원적인 수요를 만족시켜 전세계에서 신약 개발 프로세스를 가속화하고 있습니다.

In the face of the needs for innovative fully human antibody drug research and development in China, with strong technological creativity, Biocytogen has independently developed the fully human antibody RenMiceTM platform, which possesses RenMabTM mice and Common Light Chain RenLite® mice to fulfill diverse new drug development including fully human monoclonal antibody drugs and bispecific/multispecific antibody drugs, helping advance the drug development in pharmaceutical companies globally.

With the SUPCE technology, in situ large-fragment replacement is used for replacement with human antibody gene sequences, while sequences in the mouse Fc region are retained, ensuring the production of fully human antibodies and normal development of the immune system. The RenMice platform is capable of producing highly diverse and specific antibodies with high affinity and is more advantageous in the development of antibody drugs.

RenMice Platform Introduction

RenMab Mouse

In RenMabTM mice, the complete murine variable regions of the heavy and kappa light chains were replaced by full human heavy and kappa light chain V(D)J loci in situ. The length and integrity of humanized antibody gene replacement in the RenMab™ mouse significantly outperform other existing models. The RenMab™ Mouse has a normal immune system comparable to that of the wild-type mouse. Because of the higher diversity of its antibody genes, the RenMab™ Mouse has a higher potential for antibody drug development. The RenMabTM Mouse is the ideal platform for researchers to generate antibody-based drugs with strong specificity, high affinity, and diversity.

RenLite Mouse

In RenLite® mice, the variable regions of the murine heavy chain were completely replaced as in RenMabTM mice, and the whole murine variable regions of the κ light chain were replaced with a single human κ light chain VJ locus in situ. RenLite® mice, like wild-type mice, can produce antibodies with diverse epitopes and high affinities. In addition, common light chain antibodies generated by RenLite® mice can greatly improve the efficiency of downstream assembly of complex drug molecules such as bispecific antibodies and bispecific antibody-drug conjugates (bsADCs).

RenNano Mouse

RenNanoTM mouse contains the complete human heavy chain variable genes and modified mouse constant regions. RenNanoTM mouse can generate heavy-chain-only antibodies (HCAbs) with great diversity and nM-level binding affinity independent of light chains. Single-domain antibodies (sdAbs), or nanobodies derived from HCAbs are ideal building blocks for bispecific/multispecific antibodies and CAR cell therapies.

Next-generation Antibody Drug Platforms based on RenMice

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Biocytogen has reached 17 RenMiceTM licensing agreements with companies around the world; 40 projects are ongoing.

1. Biocytogen Expands Partnership with Merck

2. Biocytogen Signs RenMab/RenLite Licensing Agreement with BeiGene

3. Biocytogen Enters into RenMab™/RenLite® Licensing Agreement with Xencor

4. Biocytogen Announces RenLite Licensing Agreement with Janssen

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